Where I Ordered Freshest Blooms for My Mom

There are so many ways to make your friends and relatives happy for any occasion or special day. However, one very old fashioned way such as presenting flowers never gets old. It can make anyone’s day very special and make it memorable for a very long time. That especially can be the case when you are far away from a close to you person or do not have a lot of time to make preparations.

I had a similar situation just recently when I had to congratulate my beloved mom on Mother’s day. She has been living in a cosmopolitan city for most of her life and I left the place at the age of eighteen by moving to the East Coast. Whilst being so far away I have never missed an opportunity to congratulate my mom with the Mother’s day. I usually did it over the phone and by sending a card with a message. This year it has been decided to totally change the approach of doing it. I have thought for a while why not to arrange flower delivery for my mother as it probably would have been the best way to send my loving to her. Indeed, in Vipiris shop I’ve chosen and sent flowers to my mom on so many occasions so the whole procedure was quite familiar but for some reason, I have never opted for flower delivery for Mother’s day. Perhaps, I irresponsibly was thinking that this is not very important but it was all about to change.

To make sure my present arrives fresh and beautiful and exactly on the day needed, it has been decided to go for same day flower delivery for my mom. In order to do that I had to look at so many different companies in the area and find the right one, which is going to be the best for the mission that day. At the same time, the firm that was about to be chosen for the job must have been capable of organizing cheap flower delivery as well as be able to provide some additional items, so by adding them to the bouquet, the gift would be complete and presentable.

I started to search the web several days in advance to make quite sure that I will not have to find a florist at the very last moment. Apart from that, I would have had some time to do a so called case study, in order to learn what is available and make up my mind in advance as well.

After looking at several options among a large number of firms in the city, it looked as though I have found something I was looking for. I have found a wonderful florist that located just a few miles away from my mother’s house. She lived right in the city center in a tall block of flats and apparently a store that based its business nearby would not have charged me a lot of money for the delivery. At the same time, the store had a beautiful website that was exceptionally easy to use and explore. A wide range of products on offer assured me that I was on the right track as well as same day delivery was available throughout the week.

I looked at so many different offers before opting for a very impressive bouquet that contained some red roses, stargazer lilies, waxflowers and featured some seasonal greens. The bouquet looked absolutely superb in a red glass vase, which apparently the local florist offered to purchase together with the flowers. I was more than satisfied with my choice and waited for the Mother’s day to come.

When the anticipated day has arrived, I had to wake up a little bit earlier than usual. I immediately came to my computer and entered the site of the company once again. The bouquet that I liked a lot was still available, so I clicked the icon bellow and the item appeared in my shopping cart. The system also offered to choose some additional items for my present and so I did by opting for a large box of chocolate. I double checked whether anything was missing and immediately noticed that before I was about to send flowers I need to add a message card for my mom. By filling in the text in a box provided on the site I wrote my war, wishes to my beloved mom!

It took me one more minute to submit the payment details before I did order flowers to my mother. When the gift was received later on the same day she would not have been able to stop thanking me over the phone and expressing all her feelings of love to me. Of course, I did exactly the same and gave myself a promise that my dear mom is going to receive flowers from http://vipiris.com on this day every year.

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