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Questions to Ask a Girl – A Few Helpful Tips

First of all, remember that conversations can happen at the spur of the moment. Neither will it be you who will always initiate them.There will be occasions when women are going to talk to you and you will have to be prepared. Strive to speak in an articulate manner as much as possible and utter your words totally. Talk calmly and at a measured pace. If you are the one to start the ball rolling, then it usually starts with some polite greeting like ‘hello’ — yes, a simple old ‘hello.’ Pickup lines used as questions to ask a girl should be avoided unless you want to make it appear as contrived or practiced. Try to guide the conversation in the woman’s direction because basically they have a weakness for such subject. You will look like you are interested and it will give you some passing information about her, if she offers it. This is the moment that reading to boost your mind proves useful.

Being knowledgeable will surely be helpful if you are in the company of others, but then you would not like to be with them offering lectures. If the woman talks about something, then you would want to respond accordingly and discuss any subject with her. What is undesirable is for you to come off as someone who knows everything or a high and mighty bore. On the other hand, if you are ever talking with a girl that kicks off quite well intellectually and then she starts showing contempt — because it seems that you are as knowledgeable or even more than her — this can be a sign that she is one pretentious female.

If a verbal meeting begins engaging in gossip is out of the question. Otherwise, you may look quite effeminate. Other topics besides the girl or her family can include food, music, clothes, books, animals, the environment, or the economy. Excuse yourself from sensitive topics that include religion, race, or politics.
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To keep your strategy smooth and seamless, you will have to become familiar with the skill of conversational shifts. For example. if you are in a bookstore you can talk about the hottest crime fiction at the moment. Then in a matter of five minutes, you can switch to speaking how literary styles are getting homogenized or about how the great novels of the past and its descriptive language has been pushed into anonymity. Moving on for some more minutes will surely pique the curiosity of a girl. You should be able to identify the potentials by interpreting her body language.
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You will see her shoulders relaxing. If she happens to be sitting, she will possibly rest her chin on her hand and lean in more with every single word. The minute she starts talking incorrectly or tries to finish off your sentences, in that case your future with her looks promising.

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