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Better Sleep Pillow – The Solution For Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders are more common than one may think. This disorder is common in the United States which include insomnia, snoring, and the dangerous of them all, the sleep apnea which people with this kind of disorder stops breathing several times during their sleep for around one minute. Sleep apnea comes with three types of cases which are the obstructive, central, and mixed. If a person sleeps with a blockage of the airway, he or she may encounter sleep apnea. For the case of central sleep apnea, the airway is free from blockage but the brain cannot signal the muscles to breathe. A combination of obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea form the third type of sleep apnea which is the mixed sleep apnea. In a situation when a person is undergoing sleep apnea, the brain sends signal to your muscles in order for you to snore and can wake up so you can breathe again yet this situation keeps going on in the whole span of your sleep making you weak and feeling tired at the morning when you wake up, therefore the person will have no enough energy for their daily routines such as working in the office, studying in the university, practicing their sports, or even doing chores at home. Sleep experts advice chronic snorers or people who have sleep apnea to avoid central nervous system depressants like alcoholic beverages, sedatives and narcotics. Surgery could also benefit some patients if the narrowing of the airway is caused by anatomical defects. An apnea pillow can also help a patient’s snoring due to sleep apnea so might as well purchase that for him or her. This pillow was specially designed to help you stop snoring and reduce sleep apnea episodes. Whether the patient is a side sleep, stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper, the sleep apnea pillow can distribute and reduce the pressure on his or her shoulder or neck through its design. With this kind of design, the patient can maintain a proper posture of the head, neck, and spine, which then helps the patient breathe better since the airway passages will be open as much as possible, making the patient breathe better without interrupting his or her slumber.
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This pillow has many testimonies that it really works and helps the people with snoring problems and other kinds of sleep disorder which had years of sleeping discomfort. This memory foam sleep pillow is a key to the comfortable sleep of many patients with sleeping disorders.A Beginners Guide To Reviews