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Benefits of Amazon Prime

Shipping of goods from one place as ordered is what Amazon majorly entails. . A number of users subscribe to Amazon Prime because of three major reasons which are, free shipping, free two day delivery and Amazon instant video.Below are more of the advantages of using Amazon Prime.

Offers Membership Sharing

You are able to share your prime membership with more than two other people. It will be easier for the other members you are sharing your account with to enjoy the endless benefits offered without the need to give them direct access to your personal account. It is required that the people you decide to share membership with should be using living in the same address as yours. It will be meaningless to share membership with people other than your neighbours or family members living in your home area.You should be aware of peoples personal details like names in full, birth dates and most importantly, email address if you want to share membership with them.

Photo Storage Is Offered

As part of the Prime Photo Program a member’s free cloud storage plan is expanded so that it allows for unlimited photo files. Amazon cloud drive offers new subscribers with 5GB of free information storage. It is possible to store a number of things without any challenges . Things to be store could include photos, videos or music files. Photos taken in the current and the ones that are uploaded in the future don’t interfere in your storage data limit at all.

There is Flat-Free Grocery Deliveries Offered

There is a program in Amazon known as Prime Pantry that gives members the opportunity to order groceries at a certain amount of money. Usually , eligible items are marked as Prime Pantry items when doing your shopping. After an order is made, all products are shipped together in a single Prime Pantry box. The boxes can only be shipped by ground because of the air shipping regulations that have to be followed to the latter. In most cases, orders reach their destination within 4 business days.

Free Months of Prime is Offered

The students who are either in college or university and have an edu mail address could consider registering as members of the Amazon Student program that offers a six month free trial for prime Once the trial is over, you are free to upgrade to a full Amazon Prime Membership at fifty percent off.

Availability of Free e-books

Amazon Prime does not have the option of free physical books. However, subscribers can freely access eBooks without any difficulties. However, non prime members pay a standard price for the eBooks. The books are quite many for the members to download and enjoy the rich information offered.

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