New Home Amenities to Enjoy

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This year is special to our family because we’re celebrating the first year in our new home. It’s been almost an entire year since we moved into our new house, so we decided to do something to commemorate the times we’ve spent here so far. We wanted to throw a party, but we just had our housewarming party recently, so it feels unnecessary to have guests over for a wild evening. We decided to have a special celebration on our own instead. We found the perfect way to celebrate a year in a new home together in the peaceful garden behind our home.

My wife has been growing all types of plants in the garden behind our house, and some of those plants look extremely unique. She has the typical flowers that grow everywhere, of course. She planted marigolds and daisies that have bloomed nicely. However, she went the extra mile when she found tropical plants that grow in our climate. I thought all tropical plants require a tropical climate with high humidity, but there are some tropical plants that grow nicely in other areas as well. Our home’s garden has evolved into a tropical jungle. It’s the perfect place to have our celebration. 

We’ve done some renovations to our new home since we moved in last year. Some of those renovations make guests excited when they come over to our lovely home. For instance, the bathroom outdoors has been updated. There was once a small outhouse in our garden area, but it wasn’t appealing to the senses, so we have updated the outdoor bathroom as of the past season. We had professionals help install a bathroom showroom Glastonbury, CT. because we didn’t know how to do all the work ourselves. My wife is good with tools. She might be better than I am at fixing things around the house, but together we didn’t know the first thing about plumbing.

A home is not complete unless it has a garden area that matches the personality of those walking through it. I insist that my guests sit in their favorite spots in my garden because there are so many options to choose from. We have a patio, and there’s a barbecue area. There’s also a sauna that we like to use when we get home from work. Some afternoons are so stressful that I can’t stop thinking about escaping to melt in my sauna at home.

There’s still plenty more that we aim to accomplish on updating our outdoor garden area. The children want more to do that involves playing sports and games. They don’t enjoy the sauna as much as we do. We have decided to look into adding a pool or hot tub to the property next year as a way of celebrating our second year in our new home. If we keep making these types of improvements to our new home, it will be hard to move along to another house in the future. These amenities are lovely.

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