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Tips to Ensuring the Best Pest Control Most homeowners hate that moment when it’s time to go home where their homes are infested by pests. They even hate it more that moment they have a visitor coming to their home. They stay with their fingers crossed hoping that they will not have visitors any time soon. To ensure there are no moments of shame, there are some basic factors one as a homeowner should ensure. Home gutters especially should be cleaned from time to time to prevent pests from hiding in there. It is worth inspecting homes from time to time. Wooden parts should be kept off the ground as a way of deterring pests into the house. Draining of water around the house foundation should also be drained. Storage of firewood should also be done safely by ensuring the firewood storage structure is at least 20 feet away from the home. Termites are good in hiding. To check whether any part of the wooden parts of the house have been affected by termite, one should use a hammer and slightly hit the wood to hear whether there will be that hollow sound. Mice have two major ways of controlling them. Among them is by ensuring food content is not accessible to rodents such as mice. Whenever mice sense food in enclosed places, they attempt to drill holes in order to access it. The other safe method is by ensuring mouse traps. Among the best trap baits include those rich in proteins such as bacon and beef jerky, peanut butter, hazelnut spread among others. While small baits are effective, big ones may not serve the purpose of setting off the trap.
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Vents should be inspected from time to time to ensure there is not intruder in one’s home. The designing of the vents should, therefore, be done carefully. Due to the tendencies of raccoons and opossums making uninvited visits to the houses, it is essential to ensure there are no unsecured crawls, space doors, torn screens among other openings that may pave a way to rodents. Lighting according to experts also helps in deterring some pests from the house. Sodium vapor bulbs repel flying insects while mercury bulb insects attract insects making exterior lights best suited to be sodium vapor bulb.
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Some pests will demand an expert to ensure the best and safe method of getting rid of them. Over the counter chemicals may be recommended by friends but it is not recommended to purchase such without expert advice especially when killing pests in places like in the kitchen. Getting rid of pests like bedbugs may also call for experts since they are good at hiding and come only at night. Only professionals are best fitted to deal with such pests as they may be a little bit harder to deal with as compared to other pests.