Housing Trends in Los Angeles with Cargo Containers: Why it’s Popular?

You have probably seen the increase in shipping container houses all over the news. While a lot of people claim that these are just a housing trend, their sustained popularity has proved that these are design styles that can transcend fads. 

Some people get this concept the moment they lay their eyes on it and wants to ride the bandwagon, while there are people who are left wondering what these fads are all about and what causes its popularity. Still, others have no clue what are shipping container homes are. In this article, we will take a closer look at the basics and explain what exactly this trend is and why people are falling in love with this new kind of home.

What are shipping container houses?

Let us put it this way; these homes, structure, building, office or home that is constructed using a shipping container. These units can be either used or brand new and can be designed and positioned in such a way to make any style of office or houses that you can think of. 

One of the most popular and the first houses built using this kind of materials are created and designed by Di and Todd Miller in 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. If you are still not sure about what these kinds of houses look like or how strong, versatile or efficient they can be, make sure to check out websites, forum sites or social media pages dedicated to sea container homes.

How prevalent are these kinds of homes?

As you can see, these types of houses are starting to gain popularity every passing day, as more and more people are starting to know them. To find out how popular these homes have become, some surveys ask people, “Are you willing to live in a house that is made of shipping units?” People usually has three possible answers to this question:

Yes, that would be amazing and cool

No, they are weird and unreliable

No idea what they are

Would you live in shipping units?

Most people (at least 60% of the respondents) said that they would be thrilled if given a chance to live in a shipping cargo home. More or less 25% of respondents said that there are no way people can convince them to live in these kinds of homes. 

If only they have seen the design of the structure, the 25% will change their mind pretty quick. And last but not least, more or less 13% of the respondents stated that they had no idea what shipping containers are. It can be fascinating to rerun this kind of survey after the respondents see how these kinds of structures look like.

Why do people want to build buildings or structures using a container unit?

There are a lot of reasons why these kinds of structures are trendy and every reason is different for every person. We will take a closer look at some reasons why it is starting to gain popularity. 


One of the biggest reasons why these kinds of homes are prevalent is because they represent excellent value for their money. Shipping cargo unit houses are more affordable compared to traditional brick and mortar structures. These houses are very cost-efficient and accessible. We are not saying that every type of container house is cheap. In fact, some units cost more or less a million-dollar, depending on the design and what kind of interior you want to put on your structure.

To know more about the price of these shipping containers, check out https://www.business.com/articles/pricing-and-costs-of-shipping-containers


Most people nowadays are environmentally conscious, as climate change and the effects it brings are starting to be more prevalent. These people prefer to build an Eco-friendly structure. Shipping cargo unit homes can provide the perfect Eco-friendly alternative because they are made from recycled materials. 

Constructing out of second hand units not only helps mother earth through recycling, but it also means that other materials like concrete, bricks or wood are not used. In fact, every time a cargo unit is recycled, we are re-using at least 7,000 pounds of iron or steel. 

There is a small chance that the supply of second hand units will run out, since every year, at least half a million shipping cargo units are being abandoned in ports or cargo unit facilities. You add these figures to millions that are already discarded and lying around all over the world and you will have a staggering number of supplies that can be used for construction.

Construction speed

Environmental factors and cost are considered as the two main reasons why people want to use these kinds of materials in building construction, but these two are not the only reasons. Another reason why a lot of people develop offices and houses using a cargo container unit is that they can design and build a structure in a short amount of time. 

When you construct structures using this type of materials, most of the structure is close to completion. It includes the roof, foundation and the walls. It means that your house or your office could be built in as little as two to three months, one month if the builders are really fast on their job.

Off-the-grid capabilities

Off-the-grid living, in its purest sense, means that you live in a house that is self-sufficient and self-reliant. Previously, we read an interview from Brenda Kelly, who built an off-the-grid tiny home using a 20-footer cargo unit. On top of the container, she installed a solar panel which enables her to have power to heat the water, she is using and have electricity for her appliance. 

To find out more how off-the-grid living works, visit this site.

In total, her structure was built for less than $30,000. Off-the-grid cargo unit homes will be most likely to increase their popularity because more people are starting to look for places outside the city and wants to be self-sufficient in a rural area.


The increase in popularity of cargo unit structures has been growing for the past years, but they are starting to hit the mainstream as days go by. They are starting to be more popular because of their affordability, incredible aesthetics and Eco-friendliness.

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