Comparing Submersible and External Pond Pumps

There’s nothing more enjoyable than the sound of flowing water after a stressful day. Ponds are both a relaxing and inviting addition to any outdoor landscape. Maintaining a pond, however, takes the right tools and knowledge. There are different pumps available to keep your pond well aerated.

Submersible Pumps

No matter if you have a small 200 gallon pond or a larger 2,000 gallon one, a submersible pump may be the right choice. This type of pump is capable of circulating all of the water in the pond every hour. The entire pump is submerged into water, and it never has to be primed.

If your pond has a large waterfall feature, a submersible pump is often recommended. They can easily handle the additional flow created by the waterfall. Many pond owners like the convenience and easy maintenance of submersible pumps.

External Pond Pumps

If your pond is on the larger side, you may want to find a pump that can handle greater volumes of water, without using too much energy. An external pond pump may be the perfect solution. Although external pumps cost more to purchase and install, the savings on your energy bill more than makes up for the price.

External pond pumps never go underwater. They must be installed on dry ground. Most models come equipped with a leaf trap to help prevent clogging. These pumps are generally quiet when in use. They’re the most effective on ponds that are 2,000 gallons or greater.

How to Choose the Right Model

New pond owners may feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right pump. Both submersible and external pumps are popular. Before making a purchase, you need to determine how much volume and head pressure you need. Without these numbers, you many end up with a pump that is inefficient for your pond.

If this is your first pond, consider asking a pump expert for advice. They will help you calculate both volume and head pressure by taking the different elements of your pond into consideration. Be sure to browse their website to learn more about the different pump models that are currently available.

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