Bathroom Remodeling in San Francisco

Along with renovating the kitchen and fixing a leaking roof, the bathroom remodel is one of the few renovation projects that a homeowner can do that actually adds resale value to the home. But a homeowner doesn’t need to be ready to sell their home if they want to renovate an uninspiring bathroom. In the past, it didn’t matter if the bathroom was uninspiring. One used it for certain things, then left as quickly as possible. Now, the decor of the bathroom is as important as the decor of any other room in the house. They are now places a member of a household or a guest wants to linger in. But there are a few things to be taken into consideration before a remodel :

Bathroom Remodeling

The Cost

The first thing a homeowner needs to know is how much they can spend on a bathroom remodeling San Francisco. They then need to know how the remodel is going to be paid for. Do they have enough money in the savings account? Can they take out a loan that can be paid back in a reasonable amount of time? Can they refinance or take out a tax-deductible equity loan?

If the budget allows, the homeowner can sit down with an interior designer and decide on the type of bathroom they want. Should it be Victorian, with a footed tub, traditional black and white hexagonal floor tiles and a pedestal sink? Should it be modern or have an Asian flavor with a deep, square, soaking tub made of cypress?

After the homeowner has determined the cost of the remodel and added about 20 percent to compensate for the inevitable overruns, they should break the budget down into the costs of what needs to be replaced. These can listed on a budget worksheet and include:

  • Sink
  • Vanity
  • Countertop
  • Toilet Bowl
  • Floors
  • Lighting
  • Bathtub
  • Shower
  • Tub faucet
  • Showerhead
  • Ventilation
  • Hardware
  • Paint
  • Tile
  • Unknown items

To save money, the homeowner may want to do some DIY projects such as pulling up old, worn linoleum from floors, or painting the walls or ceiling. One caveat is if the house was built before 1980 or so, the homeowner might want to check for lead or asbestos if they don’t know whether or not lead or asbestos were used in the construction materials.

Some Tips

If the bathroom lacks a window, it should have one in the remodel. If it’s possible, a skylight might be installed to flood the room with natural light during the day. A central ceiling light should be avoided because it casts shadows, which makes applying makeup or shaving tricky. The lights should ideally be to the sides of the bathroom mirror.

A handheld shower attachment should be installed. This is easy enough to be a DIY project for the homeowner and will prove to be very convenient.

Now is the time to add radiant floor heating to the bathroom. This will forever banish those icy cold floors in the morning.