6 Tips for writing effective content

If you went to school and received at least basic education, then you know how to write. Writing can be of various types, but when one intends to do it professionally, you need to consider certain factors.

Freelance writers in India are far from a blogger or author or a poet. While all of these professions focus on writing, professional writers have a great responsibility. They have to adapt to the needs of their customers.

Here, I leave a few tips that will make your articles rise in quality and elegance and to become a good freelance writer.

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  1. Well titled content

Your content is like a gift that your readers are waiting eagerly for. But what’s a gift without a good package? I am sure that each of us knows how easy it is to transform a dull and boring gift into something fresh and exciting. Only wrapping it up and putting it face up is enough, right? I’m not saying that deceive your readers by giving them a fun title to disguise a boring content. A great headline will help stimulate the interest of your readers and they will want to click on it and read more.


  1. Write a small introduction

Writing an introduction to your article is very similar to the first date. You would never ask or expect a kiss before you feel comfortable with the other person. Write a small introduction. Your introduction is intended to do exactly that; to make you feel comfortable with your reader and in turn, let them feel comfortable with you! What is often an introduction? Anything that guarantees attention and interest of the reader is an introduction. Play with different things, like a shocking statement, a pertinent question, etc. But remember; do not write more than 200 words in this introduction.

  1. Systematic arrangement of the body of the article

The body of your article is the most important part of the message you want to convey to your readers. If you have gotten your reader to follow you after reading the title and introduction, give yourself a pat on the back. Surely you’ve done a good job so far. But if you mess with the body of the article, you will lose your reader quickly. Therefore, be sure to plan the body of your article well and divide it into several different sections with their corresponding subtitles. By doing this, you get three things: first, you will facilitate that the reader digests the information; second, you will help to quickly paste an eye for your article and still stay with the message, and finally, be nice and comforting for your eyes.

  1. Good grammar

This advice itself is worth a million dollars because no matter how well you prepare your article with a catchy title and writing a great introduction, it will still not be a good article if it contains grammatical errors. Do yourself a favor and proofread and check your grammar and language before delivering your work on contentmart or other such platforms.

  1. Confirm the written data

Be careful, this is a huge mine that can destroy your work and your dream of becoming a professional writer if you do not pay the attention it deserves. As a professional writer, you can be hired by clients to write articles on a variety of issues that you do not necessarily know much of. But that does not mean that you should write about only one topic in which you’re qualified. You are free to write about any topic as long as the information presented is 100% correct. Confirm and reconfirm using more than one reference when writing about technical subjects, doctors, scientists, etc.

  1. Finish your article without complications

Like you made your reader feel comfortable at the beginning of your article, make sure you make a good impression at the end of the reading. Do not end your article abruptly without a warning. It would leave your readers with a very bad impression of the author. Give your article a summary or a synopsis that need not be more than a sentence or two.








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