Now Is The Time To Think About Vinyl Liner Pool Repair In Bucks And Montgomery County

Inground pools can offer years of enjoyment for a homeowner, their family, and friends. The structure of an inground pool can last more than 30 years and is a great investment for a homeowner. When a pool and the liner are properly installed, and the chemical balance in a pool is maintained, a pool liner can last for many years.

Vinyl liner pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County should only be performed by trained pool technicians. A proper fit and installation of a pool liner is key to the liner lasting for many years to come. If it isn’t installed correctly, it will fail prematurely and require replacement.

A Liner That Is Too Tight

When a liner is too tight, it can pull away from the section of the coping where it locks into. The stretch of the pool liner can also cause the seems to pull, causing leaks in a pool. A liner that is stretched too thin will rapidly deteriorate and completely fail early.

Floating Liner

A liner can begin to float when there is too much hydrostatic pressure around the swimming pool structure. This type of situation can happen after heavy rains or when a pool is located in a flood-prone area. Once the water recedes, the liner might go back into position, but wrinkles are usually a result of the liner floating.


Wrinkles can occur in a pool liner because of excessive water pressure against the structure of the pool or because of poor chemical balance in the pool. When the chemical in a pool isn’t properly balanced, it can cause the liner to shrivel up causing wrinkles.

Fading Liners

A liner usually fades when the pool chemicals are not balanced. The pH level of the water should be properly maintained to eliminate this type of situation from occurring. Once fading begins, wrinkles will develop as the liner begins to get more fragile and dried out.

When you work with an experienced pool installation and maintenance company, your pool and the liner will last for many years to come. If you noticed problems with your pool liner last summer, now is a great time to begin thinking about replacing it or having it repaired.

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